Training routes for the weekend:

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Please meet at the Lynnwood shop @ 06h00


.............................with your red club shirt:



Saturday 24th February  

  • New Route (Pambos route) – Eufees/Valhalla/M26/Summit Rd/Rooihuiskraal Rd and usual Saturday route from there – Group 1

  • Eufees/Valhalla/Samrand – Group 2

Sunday 25th February
Roodeplaat Dam



Sunday Mountain Bike Ride
Meet at the Shere shop at 06h30




Please scroll down for Sabie Training Camp


Ride safe and be merry


Training rides over the weekends start and finish at Bruce Reyneke Cycles
~ 315 Lynnwood Road, Menlo Park.


Bruce Reyneke Cycles




Please meet at the SHERE shop @ 06h30
............................with your red club shirt:



Sunday 25th




Shere shop - Shere boulevard, 4 Graham Road Ext of Lynnwood Road


Contact numbers:  012 941 9221





~ see Weekend Rides for more info on the routes



Are you practising safe cycling?

scroll down for safety tips




The red club shirt:



The committee wishes to enforce members to wear the Red SCC club jersey on weekend rides.  This will assist the back-up drivers to easily identify members and the group will be unified.  Please comply with their wishes, thank you.



Unless differently informed:

In summer the ride starts at 06h00;
it changes to 06h30 on 1st April
and to 07h00 on 1st June 
then back to 06h30 on 1st August
We revert back to 06h00 on the 1st of September to celebrate Spring Day.



Please note that the pace should be that of the majority riders:
If you want to have a hard ride join A or B.


Following vehicle: the club has a number of volunteer drivers who use their own vehicles, or the Kangoo, to provide backup.  Each vehicle will follow the group at a safe distance and offer help to anyone in the group who may need it. 

If a cyclist falls off the back of the main group, the following car should offer to take him/her back to the group.  If the cyclist refuses this offer, the back-up car has the right to pass the cyclist and continue following the main group.

The following vehicle provides safety for the majority of the group. The driver will not “pace” a cyclist back to the group – as this creates a safety hazard for the cyclist and the driver.



Safety tips:


Ride in a group.

Be vigilant at all times!

Each group would be allocated a leader - he/she will control pace and behaviour during the ride.

The designated group leader has the authority to address bad riding conduct.

Re-group at designated points during the ride - leader's responsibility.


Keep left of the road and in single file on busy or narrow sections please!

Maximum 2 abreast on broad/double lane roads

Check for traffic before changing lanes, and indicate clearly when doing so.

Stop at red traffic lights.
Obey all traffic rules.

Be courteous to other road users.

Aggression towards motorists will not be tolerated.


Check your cleats for wear (if you don’t know how – take it to your local bike shop).

Wear a helmet

Using ear phones in both ears is dangerous.

Point out any dangers ahead to those cyclists behind you, i.e. potholes, stones, glass, etc.


Be visible

Wear bright/reflective clothing.

Use a good quality front and rear light when riding in poor visibility.

Keep Identification and emergency contact & medical aid details on you.
If you have a medical condition – make sure your friends riding with you know about it.


Safe cycling!


more tips:

The Road Straightly Travelled 






SCC dates to remember:


Sabie Training Camp 10th March


There will be a training weekend in the Mpumalanga Lowveld, based in Sabie on the weekend of 10 March. The date is a month prior to the Maluti Double 90 and is the weekend of the Cape Town Cycle Tour, so it is obviously aimed at those going to D90 and not to CTCT. Everyone looking for a cycling weekend away is of course welcome. Pack up the babies and grab the old ladies. 
The plan is to arrive in Sabie on the Thursday afternoon/evening and to ride three days Friday to Sunday before returning home on Sunday. It is about 5 hrs drive. If you can’t make all 3 days you are welcome to come for only Saturday and Sunday.
Rides will start from Merry Pebbles resort which is also recommended for the stay over in Sabie. The routes will include some of the routes of the Panorama tour on Friday ( about 120 km ) and a loop via Hazyview and Kowyn’s pass through Graskop and back ( 115 km ) with the Sunday ride shorter to Pilgrims Rest and back to enable earlier departure. 
We will have a support/following vehicle. 
Everyone has to book his own accommodation. Merry Pebbles can accommodate us on that weekend and can be contacted at 013 7642266 or book online on their website. You may want to mark communication with them for attention Leon or just Select Cycling. 
I would appreciate if you inform me if you are going so we can communicate arrangements for the rides.
Bring the family along and enjoy a good training camp. 
For more information contact Johan van der Merwe   0832517515


See you in Sabie. 


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Our year runs from 1st August – through to the 31st July.


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If you plan to travel with your bike and don’t have a bike bag – here is an affordable solution




Old bicycle frames – any condition

We are looking for any old bicycle frames in any condition – rusted, dented, dik weil or road.
Please contact Bruce


Old cycling wear needed please!

Martin Horn is helping a development team from Diepsloot get started.  These young underprivileged people need helmets, cycling shoes, pedals, cycling jerseys & shorts, all warm attire for example arm & leg warmers jackets/wind jammies etc. So before you send your old “retired” cycling wear for recycling elsewhere please put them in a bag and bring it to the shop – it’s for a good cause!.  Martin comes around about once a week to collect. Thank you.